Four iconic brands, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche, have recently unveiled a new generation of extreme cars. LaFerrari, Veneno, P1 and 918 joined extreme cars such as the Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsegg One:1 and Pagani Huayra in this exclusive club.

In terms of power, performance and price, but even more in their level of technological development, these cars have overtaken the previous generation, commonly known as Supercars. The specialised press has given them a suitably superlative name : Ultracars, or Hypercars.

The DNA of these machines means that their natural habitat is the race track, but the experience of the various GT1 categories showed that their running costs are out of line with the budget of a race team.

However somewhere in between professional motorsport competition and valet parking at a five star hotel, Stephane Ratel and his SRO team thought that track time within world-famous race events would give the owners of these prestigious cars the ideal driving and networking environment.

That is precisely why the Blancpain Ultracar Sports Club has been launched. In 2015, it provided track time with neither timing nor competition during the Blancpain GT Series meetings at the beautiful circuits of Paul Ricard and Misano. And at least two manufacturers offered their first dynamic customer experiences of new models at 2015’s Blancpain Ultracar Sports Club events .

The Blancpain Ultracar Sports Club is a unique platform to allow manufacturers to showcase their creations on a race track. But it is also built for the delight of private owners, as an amazing opportunity to share their passion while spending a memorable weekend where the off track experience will be as high-quality as the track sessions.


Four exceptional events: three within the finest European GT competition: the Blancpain GT Series; and one as part of the prestigious Chantilly Arts & Elegance

Reserved for Ultracars built in the last ten years

Reserved solely for the owners of the cars

Four thirty-minute track sessions, with no timing transponders and no classification. Pure pleasure

Two categories : road cars with road tyres, and cars such as the Ferrari FXX/McLaren P1 GTR with specially developed «racing» tyres

A compact programme within a 24-hour period, from Saturday lunch time through to Sunday afternoon

Top of the range reception with a fine hospitality unit in the heart of the paddock specifically set up for the SRO Sports Club.

Evening meal and entertainment organised each weekend





Founded in 1735 by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain, the watch brand bearing his name is the oldest in the world. Blancpain is currently engaged to the renewal of mechanical watchmaking and to passing on exceptional expertise from one generation to the next through constant investment in human resources, production facilities and research. This approach is its strength and the expression of our long-term vision, even though it goes against the tide of a certain tendency to seek immediate pro t.

From the creation of components through to watch design, Blancpain is distinguished by its ability to develop exceptional movements. Over the past eight years, the Manufacture has indeed developed no less than 29 new calibres.

Through its various models, Blancpain preserves its heritage of precision and elegance, while also displaying an innovative and occasionally provocative spirit. Its range encompasses the sportive L-evolution line, the legendary Fifty Fathoms diver’s watch, as well as the classic Villeret collection, the high complication from Le Brassus collection and the Women models.


The L-evolution collection reflects Blancpain’s most dynamic and avant-garde facets. These models distinguish themselves by their innovative movements combining cutting-edge technologies and respect for the time-honoured art of watchmaking – particularly through calibres equipped with three series-coupled barrels ensuring an 8-day power reserve and guaranteeing a constant supply of energy to the movement.

The modular construction of the L-evolution cases has been specially designed to offer exceptional exibility in the choice and combination of materials and nishes. The imposing and robust L-evolution timepieces catch and draw the gaze into the depths of their layered dials.

This collection hosts world-first models that have caused a stir, such as the amazing Carrousel Saphir Volant Une Minute, and the Tourbillon featuring a power-reserve display directly on the oscillating weight. Moreover, the new models celebrating the strong ties between Blancpain and the world of motor sports are quite logically part of the brand’s most provocative line, christened L-evolution R.